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On 04.02.2016 – 574,0 GB
On 11.09.2015 – 545,9 GB
On 24.05.2015 – 536,2 GB
On 04.03.2015 – 519,0 Gb!!!
On 11.01.2015 – 488,0 Gb
On 26.09.2014 – 478,0 Gb
On 01.07.2014 – 420,9 Gb
On 18.06.2014 – 370,1 Gb
On 27.04.2014 – 339,9 Gb
On 28.03.2014 – 317,4 Gb
On 09.03.2014 size of all content is 291,2 GB

Private FTP details:

* For Whom? Especially for dnb fans.
* Available much more material, than is on the site.
* Daily updates.
* Each user have 3 streams to download.
* Overal speed: 100 Mbps.
* Easy to use: All releases sorted by labels.

Recommended FTP Client:
FileZilla (maybe you need to turn on passive mode in settings, and set max threads to 3-5)

How to pay for DnB4You private FTP:
1. Go to Donate page.
2. Select one of your favourite payment methods and make donate.
3. Send me payment details via real e-mail address at which your account confirmation and information will be sent.
4. Within 24 hours or less you’ll get your premium account details (username, pass, …)
5. Start using. Link:
6. That’s all. See, it’s very simple.

No need to worry. Please inform us at payment and we will resend it again. Don’t forget to write some info’s about your payment in order to prove that you really paid for a premium account.

Synchronization of my collection and ftp server is with delay. It is in 02.40 UTC. So if you need most fresh stuf from site – you should use torrents.

Author: Date: 16-02-2014
Comments: 22

Chris: Started using this last night, over 250gb of dnb! works great, well worth the donation. Thanks man, respect

Diego: Good shit. Great speeds and has everything to do with Drum and Bass, nothing but DnB. Even has some rare releases too! I love it, keep it up. unkno0wwn is pretty friendly from I can tell too. Will be donating when I can.

Chrislowski: Excellent, made a small donation earlier and now have access to the huge collection on the FTP. Not sure how much more is on there compared to the torrents (it's hard to see for sure) but download speeds are very fast! Well worth it :)

Nathan: Thank you so much! You are really helping the poor to atleast be able to enjoy some music! Thank you so much! :)

unkn0wwn: Youre welcome... Its nice to read it.

Mr.Evil.cK: decent collection! works great, its fast and i got my uname/pw within hours big ups and dont forget to go and buy vinyl ! ;)

DR.DEMISE: best thing ever since sliced bread.

Twelve10z: Cheers what an awesome service :-)

Unkn0wwn: THX

ONYX: Hi Mate,- Are you still active ? FPT Service still provided ?

Unkn0wwn: Yes all ok. Go to link on top and see it.

Dave Bracegirdle: hehe greetz

derickhommie: Hey man, I have messaged you regarding your PP mail please reply back ASAP. thanks alot

Gila: Thank you sooooo much ima make a donation as soon as i get paid, big respect!! :)

Sal: i can't get it to work

user171: Hello. I wanna pay via paypal. can u please mail me?

AZ: I can't afford donations for now but I can at least say to all uploaders, seeders & staff : "Thank you very much guys !"

Dj Equilibrium: still not working someone help

ghanja: u accept paysafecard pin ?

Brendannn: hey i would like to to donate through pay pal email me ?

Dirty monkey: Im a dirty monkey!

Cointelpro: Any possibility of more dubstep albums/labels being added to your collection?

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