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Author: Date: 28-04-2012
Comments: 61

Chris: Brilliant! Thanks for doing this for the dnb crew!

unkn0wwn: Chris, big up man!!! Thanks You to!!!

Diane: ThankQ Very Much :)

Unkn0wwn: ;-)

DrumBassCD – ChrisD: Thanks for the DnB private FTP - its a MASSIVE collection of all the best DnB Tunes & Artists! I highly recommend dnb4you to all DnB listeners - Donate $50 for private FTP access and get unlimited downloads at full speed. PEACE ;)

Twelve10z: Wicked service

Your_Mum: I can confirm the F[ap]TP server works like a dream. Unlimited access + Top speeds. DO IT!

slovenek: Can i donate ower Paypal?

breaks on 45: inwould like to donate but dont have credit cards etc paypal would be amazing

Unkn0wwn: answer on e-mail

Liagos: Great work here. Thanks for all this awesome music :)) .

Ralph Krueger: recommendation: you should post the sub genre of drum and bass within each new post as I only care about specific sub genres of dnb. like liquid, neurofunk, jungle etc.

Unkn0wwn: thx. i will

Unkn0wwn: I havent receive any donations for few monts.... So i cant pay for fast internet. Now speed of my seedboxes is 25kbps.... sorry. If i receive 50$ - i remove speed limit on all torrents for 1 month.

Pablo: I would like to donante vía PayPal too. I can't use webmoney account from Spain. Wait for your answer

Unkn0wwn: Pablo, write me on email or pm me on forum

Unkn0wwn: Anybody, who want to donate me via paypal - write me on mail or pm me on forum!

Pablo: I've written you a few days algo, still waiting for answer.

BNG: awesome!

BNG: i want to donate on paypal.

Unkn0wwn: write me on my mail

MidPump: i want to donate via paypal, mail me. massive bigups for this site!

Apofisko: PayPal Pls? Email

Sal: i want to donate via paypal

Gila: I wan't to donate via paypal. I have tried to PM you and no reply cheers Gila бро напиши на почту есть разговор !

pro: do you accept bitcoin?

Unkn0wwn: Yes man

Midpump: Dude, emailed you twice about donating and not getting my login details??

Unkn0wwn: PLZ write me on e-mail about your problem. Send me donation details.

CobyL: I would like to donate $5 as a huge thanks for all these great releases, and to access the ftp server. Can you send details? Thanks

CobyL: Tried to donate, paypal would not allow me to send payment to email you provided. Also tried to email you back but am having problems with mail?

dakoko: Can i pp?

Jan: want to donate paypal

Beer: i want to donate on paypal

James: Dude how do I get in touch with you? I want to make a donation but do not understand how to pay and I can't find forums.

Unkn0wwn: Check your e-mail.

algigator: Hi, can you please drop me an update on email on how to make donation while using pay pal ? Regards, Peter

Joseph: I want to donate but i am ignorant as to where to do this

Joseph: Where do I donate at?

Jordi: Hey, would like to donate but not sure how, could you send me an email with the details please? Thanks for everything

Lorendnb: Hey! i would like to donate but i don't know how ! can you send me an email with the details!? thanks

DnbJunkie: Can you please provide details for donation?

Dre: i want to donate through paypal.

Raptor: Where can i find your email address? Would like to PP

MidPump: Can you please contact me about getting back onto the ftp server

paula tierney: can i pay by paypal ? and if so can you send me a paypal thingy please. thankyou x

paula tierney: i failed that human test 3 times phahahahaha so thanks for making me aware that i need glasses aswel as a paypal thingy phahahahaha

Unkn0wwn: =))

Midpump: Is anyone going to get back to me about paying to get back on the ftp server??!!

Bassdrop: Hello, I'd like to make a donation via paypal, the sooner the better. Thanks!

david: id like to send paypal donation

Teeps: I want pay by paypal, sooner as possible, and thanks for sharing all this stuffs !

Mike: I'm trying to see how to pay and make a donation. Where can I go to do that?

Unkn0wwn: Send E-mail to all you, guys.

jfan72: please send me paypel donation email, thanks

dnb4you_user: Great site. Please send details of how to donate via PayPal.

Unkn0wwn: Answered on your e-mails.

dnb4you_user: Thanks. Didn't get the email :-( I'll register on the forum and will PM you.

Paypal: Can i plz pay thru paypal

Unkn0wwn: PP works again =) Write me pm on forum or e-mail.

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