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unkn0wnrusman@gmail.com ==> mail, hangouts.
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This resource is maintained and developed by a group of two people =) .
Owner does not have absolutely nothing from this project , so everything is done solely as a hobby.
Anyone can join our team. We need releasers , as well as designers etc.
So if you think you can help - please contact us.
If you are the DJ - you can send me your mix or record of you set and i will play it on my radio
This site does not contain any music on its server, except low quality prelistenin that can not be downloaded , so all legal.

If you loved any release - buy it!
Which is 60 - 100R for excellent music nothing .

Having considered the question of link exchange and advertising.

Author: Date: 17-10-2011
Comments: 6

Andrey: Скачать что-то теперь вообще невозможно. Сидов всегда нет =(

unkn0wwn: Хм, сидбокс вроде работает исправно. на каждой раздаче минимум один сид.

unkn0wwn: Нарисуйте мне Хедер нормальный плиз. А то сейчашашний УБОГ... Anybody plz paint header pic....

drnck: Сегодня скачал без проблем пару интересующих релизов, никаких помех, спасибо!

Paul Arrich: Hi there. I do a monlty dnb mix, would love to be featured on your site. Here is the link http://www.liquiddnb.com/mix/mazecast-numero-uno

Mister Marble: Hey there, I liked your community very much and I would be pleased to collab with your project. I do graphic design. Get in touch with me for any suggestion and if I can help I will definitely do it.

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You can download much faster and easyer with our private FTP Server